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Build a paradise all your own! Escape the dusty city and go for a tropic ride! The adventure begins today!
The plane has crashed, and you are the sole survivor. You look around and see palm-trees basking in the tropical sun — this could be a nice place to live, after all. It may take a bit of work to make it the home you deserve, but it still beats the heck out of sitting in an office!

First you have to clear the workspace. Trees, rocks and grass make excellent building materials. Chop a little kindling to get a fire going. And you may just find something of interest beneath those moss-grown boulders or inside tree-hollows.

Coming up next is your own farm. Or a botanical garden. Or, better yet, an orchard or a ranch—you name it. As luck would have it, there is a whole shipment of seeds and
continental animals on that plane. Different strokes for different folks. Mango and papaya ain’t no fun? Why, grow cabbage aplenty! Giraffes too gaudy? You can keep a chicken or twenty and a herd of pigs. What could be better than greasy scrambled eggs-and-bacon to start a tropical morning with?

Nature takes its course, and predators are abundant on the island, but so long as you got brain to go with brawn, your sheep and goats will be safe. Once you build a workshop, you can work a piece of ironwood into a hefty club. Fasten a knapped quartz rock to it, and you get a hand-axe to ward off that pesky wolf. Don’t stop there—more adventures await!

Adventures on the island are many and varied. What’s in the treasure chest that washed up ashore? Who’s on that mystical ship rocking in the waves? And is that a pirate’s ghost creeping about? You can’t fight apparitions with a hand-axe. That’s where your friends come in!

As a Robinson, you can hire your Men Fridays to do menial work from all over the social network world Facebook. You can give them gifts ranging from boas to chimpanzees to encourage them to work for their Master
Robinson. Make your paradise the most prosperous and thriving enterprise of all paradises lost!

Robinson is the first survival-in-paradise kind of game for Android, from the makers of “Little Helper”! Download it now and join the ranks of Robinsons!

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Robinson’s Birthday

Today is Robinson’s Birthday! We are 3 years old now! 16-12-2014

Robinson on Windows Phone

Robinson is available on Windows Phone. 24-11-2014

Robinson’s birthday!

Today is Robinson's birthday! We are 2 year old! 16-12-2013

Robinson Mobile is now available at Samsung Apps

It is our pleasure to announce that Robinson Mobile game is now available from Samsung Apps! 25-07-2013

Robinson made it to AppStore Top-10 in the USA!

Robinson game holds top positions among the most popular mobile apps. 14-03-2013

Robinson Turned One Year

Today the mobile game Robinson has turned one year with about 3 billion logins over this period! 16-12-2012

Robinson Ranked Second In Korean T-Store

The Android mobile game Robinson, released on December 16, 2011, hit the Korean T-Store Top. 01-08-2012

Robinson Hits Korean Top of Most Selling Games

Robinson was released on December 16, 2011, and soon hit the Top of the largest mobile app stores. 01-01-2012