Pixonic is launching a new project – Walking War Robots.

Walking War Robots is our first multiplayer game developed for iOS. Players assume roles of giant battle robot pilots and use their impressive firepower to defeat enemies.

WWR is a free to play title. A preliminary version is scheduled to launch in the European AppStore at first, precisely in 3 countries: Russia, Germany and England. A full version supporting all device models and an extended list of countries will be released around summer 2014.

WWR allows up to 16 players to wage war in spectacular real-time battles as well as team up with friends and allies. Players will have at their disposal 4 authentic fraction, 18 robot models, 50 upgradeable deadly weapons for everyone’s taste.

The game will feature regular cooperative and tournament events and a multi-level evolving clan system will be added in the nearest future.

The Story:
In a not so distant future nuclear power becomes totally harmless. Even ordinary cars are equipped with fission reactors. But just as fast as people have forgotten their fears they’ve lost control of the new technology. And now the world has become one desolated war zone, ravaged by nuclear weapons. The planet’s superpowers absorbed small countries and now four main fractions emerged out of chaos as huge walking war robots fight for their domination.

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