Zeptolab uses Pixonic analytics

Zeptolab is well known to gamers through its superhit Cut the Rope and the new title Pudding Monsters.

Zeptolab specialists employed a number of instruments to monitor main parameters, metrics, perform AB-testing and analyze user database, however, their final choice was PixAPI analytics developed by us. Since this March PixAPI is used for the new mobile hit Pudding Monsters.

PixAPI analytics enables:

– Receive from the game information about any gaming events, supplying data on any parameters of the event or the player;

– Build complex queries for the data gathered and present information in form of graphs, numbers, ranges or vortexes;

– If required, export “raw data” to Excel for standalone processing;

– Consider the data with breakdown by cohorts, not just calendar days;

– Use device IDs to attribute users to different advertisement campaigns and calculate ROI;

– Remotely perform and monitor AB-testing.