Say Hello to Hercules!

Pixonic tech team is working on analytics platform for mobile/web apps that is planned to be released for the public use later this year.

To achieve a goal of processing, saving and querying huge amount of analytics data sent from millions of devices we build our platform on top of Apache Cassandra NoSQL database that is capable to provide great performance, linear scalability and high reliability.

From some point due to the lack of good ORMs for Cassandra out there we decided to create one.

Today we are happy to introduce Hercules – lightweight yet powerful ORM for Java that makes working with Cassandra nice and easy.


  • plain entities (entity per row) and wide entities (entity by column in a row)
  • flexible entity serialisation customisation
  • managed entity indexes
  • works great with DI frameworks
  • lifecycle method/event support
  • does not store null fields

Head to Hercules home page to find out more →