Domovyata Ranks First in Odnoklassniki TOP

On the 7th of October, 2012 a social game Domovyata ranked first in the Top of the largest Russian social network Odnoklassniki. Within 3 months after its release in 2010 it was downloaded and installed by more than 3.5 million users and still hasn’t left the Odnoklassniki TOP-10 games. The ranking calculations are based on income data and the app growth rate.

The most appealing thing about the game is its national colouring: the protagonists are Russian folklore creatures who talk traditional old proverbs. They are notorious Domovyonok (a little brownie) and Baba Yaga (an evil witch). The goal is to look after Domovyonok: buy clothes and new furniture and keep an eye on him to see he is not idling.