The Lost Island
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The Island: Castaway Attracts 100,000 Players a Day

Pixonic arranged one of its most successful ad campaigns ever. As a result amount of The Island: Castaway players on NK.PL almost doubled within just a few days.

The main page of NK.PL was branded in The Island: Castaway’s colors during the campaign. Users really loved the ad: the first day of the campaign attracted 100,000 new users to the game.

We’ve used our new build-in PixAPI Game Statistics to plan the campaign. We analysed the sequence of events (the tunnel) from user’s click on ad banner to quests inside the game and increased click to loyal gamers conversion 3,6 times. By now 13,7% of users who clicked The Island: Castaway banner become loyal players.

The Island: Castaway is one of Pixonic’s smash-hits on the Russian market. The game developed by BIT Games reached more than 2.5 million installs on Odnoklassniki, My.Mail.Ru and VKontakte.

It is based on a very well-know plot: the characters find themselves on a desert island after a shipwreck. In order to survive, they need to settle down, procure food, and explore the island.

First, the player needs to clear some living space and acquires some building materials, then builds constructions, grows plants and is trying to settle down in all possible ways. Level after level, the number of constructions, tools and plants available expands. Players can also decorate their island, e.g. by buying exotic animals.

The affluent US web-resource InsideSocialGames listed the game as one of the fastest-growing apps on Facebook.

‘The title made our list of emerging Facebook games the week of July 22. According to our traffic tracking service AppData, The Island: Castaway currently has 248,579 monthly active users and 45,172 daily active users.’