Who Is The Killer? App Store And Google Play Release date

Both App Store and Google Play released a new mobile game Who Is The Killer? (Ep. I и Ep. II) practically simultaneously. The first episode was featured on August 8, 2012 by App Store, and on October, 15, 2012 – by Google Play. The second episode was released one month later.

Who Is The Killer? is plotted in a classic English detective story way. The player faces daily murders and his main goal is to catch and disarm the killer within 8 days. Each suspect has a skeleton in his closet as well as a reason for a murder.

The game is unusual in many ways. Even its origin is peculiar. It has been developed by a single person (Dmitry Glaznev) with the help of Game Maker – a system that does not require knowledge of any programming languages. Game Maker is a set of icons shaped by special sprites and drawn into action by reactions to various events. It sounds complicated, though, in fact, it is a quick way to create new episodes of the detective game.

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