Lost in Baliboo
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Lost in Baliboo

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Who of us has never dreamt of becoming a Robinson? Well, this is your chance to get to be one! Adventures are waiting for you! The airship got wrecked during a storm, and you find yourself on an unknown land and there’s not a soul around you. The captain of the airship, who had started this trip with you, disappeared without a trace, there’s no communication with the outer world. But don’t get desperate! You have plenty of time which you can spend profitably.

What shall we start with? Start with the arrangement of a camp of course, which one day may turn into a real colony! Luckily, the destiny has thrown you onto a rich land, where you can find anything you might wish – just wind up your brain and work hard.

Having settled down a little bit we’ll set off: we’ll go to the mountains and to the desert, we’ll sail to the neighbouring islands, get acquainted with the wild tribes residents and even fight wicked predators. In short, here you’ll always find something to do, and life will give you big and small surprises all the time. Find out what secrets are hidden here on this lost coast.

  • Arrange the colony.
    Construct the required buildings, grow plants, develop your farm.
  • Travel.
    In this game you can move about between different locations, unique with their nature and mysteries.
  • Explore.
    Examine exotic plants and extraordinary animals in the game to get a chance to take them to your camp.
  • Relax.
    Marvellous tropical landscapes will let you rest from your drab existence and make you feel the wild nature conqueror.

Welcome to the adventure world!

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The game “Lost in Baliboo” released in the AppStore and Google Play.

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