Press news

How to add video ads to a game and make people ask for more

May 3

Here’s why we didn’t want to add video ads to War Robots — and what happened when we did


War Robots 4 Years Anniversary

April 13

Past year’s new content recap infographic

Press news

Pixonic CMO on how influencer marketing stacks up to UA campaigns through Facebook and Google

February 23

Artem Petukhov for PocketGamer


Creating a game concept without coding skills: Pixonic's very first PixJam

February 7

A brief report on our in-house event

War Robots

New hub for everything about War Robots

December 6

News, FAQ, media, guides, art and more


“I want it just like LoL”: How do you monetize in-game skins?

September 26

Pixonic’s Head of Game Design on monetizing visuals for up-and-coming developers


War Robots VR: The Skirmish – Environment Art in Full View

August 21

James Brough about his role in creating the setting for War Robots VR: The Skirmish


War Robots VR: The Skirmish is on Steam

August 10

The first chapter of our virtual-reality single-player, War Robots VR: The Skirmish, is now available for free download

War Robots

How to launch War Robots on PC

July 20

The game is now available on Facebook Gameroom

Press news

VentureBeat: How Pixonic spends big on marketing without blowing the budget

July 10

Igor Klyukin speaks to VentureBeat on avoiding losses in marketing new products


War Robots VR — Yes, It’s For Real

June 29

Next up, VR – the War Robots universe will soon grow with the launch of our new project


VR Development Notes

June 19

Our Lead Game Designer Arthur Mostovoy on developing for VR


On Virtual Reality

May 25

Pixonic’s Lead Game Designer on the state of the VR market and its future

War Robots

11 trillion tons of twisted metal

May 22

War Robots passes 50 000 000 installs


Pixonic shows 500% revenue growth in 2016

April 28

Mail.Ru Group has released its financial report for 2016

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