Press news

Challenges of developing a cross-platform smash hit

May 18

Interview with Vladimir Krasilnikov, CPO at Pixonic


Pixonic takes part in Game Drive educational event

May 10

War Robots

Batching tamed: reducing batches via UI mask optimization

May 5

How to make interface a bit better


Pixonic at Nordic Game

May 5

Learn useful insights and use it to your advantage


How to create a custom Unity3D importer for texture arrays

April 27

Overcoming challenges with bringing a mobile game to PC


Join us at MY.GAMES Gamedev Meetup Armenia

April 20

Time for some gamedev insights


Shifting a highly loaded game project from Photon to custom solutions

April 20

Custom problems require custom solutions!


War Robots Live Show 2023: Our Big Anniversary Event is Back

April 19

Join us in celebrating 9 years of War Robots


War Robots 9th Anniversary is Here

April 14

Exploring all the milestones we’ve achieved during the last year


How we make music for our games

April 11

Practical tips for process, gear, setup, and some pitfalls to avoid.


How we remaster game maps

April 4

From concept to final result


How to make game classes varied

March 27

Studying popular genres to perfect the approach to balancing

War Robots

War Robots’ long-awaited PvE mode is finally here

March 23

Bringing more story and lore to a PvP shooter

War Robots

War Robots Receives ISBN License

March 21

Pixonic's flagship title has obtained permission to return to Chinese App Store


How to make a good game: a quest to make a game design model

March 17

There's no universal guide to make a great game, but we've got some suggestions

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