Dino Squad

Dino Squad: 1 year anniversary

April 16

We are celebrating the first anniversary of Dino Squad with an infografic of the project's journey from its launch to 1 year

Press news

How Wor Robots Grossed $500M

April 14

Interview with Vladimir Krasilnikov, CPO at Pixoni‪c

War Robots

Seven years of War Robots

April 14

Infographic of the most significant highlights of the year

War Robots

Pixonic's War Robots crosses $500 million in gross revenue

March 4

The project makes half of it in the past 3 years

War Robots

War Robots is no longer available on App Store China

December 31

Due to the new government regulations

War Robots

Very Serious Christmas: War Robots and Serious Sam 4 crossover event

December 7

The first Pixonic collaboration event


I Am Waiting For You Last Summer: collaboration with War Robots Remastered

November 19

Soundtrack history in WR Remastered trailer


PixBand released a music clip for 6.6.0 update in War Robots

October 30

Halloween is here!

War Robots

Apple describes the upgrades in War Robots Remastered

October 24

What will players see when starting the game?

War Robots

War Robots Remastered: an Updated Pixonic Hit is Now Available on the App Store and Google Play

October 22

The major War Robots graphic update release

War Robots

War Robots Ranked Top 5 Most Grossing Mobile Shooters in the US Over the Last Year

October 7

Sensor Tower analytics


War Robots Remastered at the Apple Event

September 16

And many other Apple announcements

War Robots

War Robots Remastered is on the way!

September 15

War Robots Remastered at the Apple Event

War Robots

A complete War Robots graphics remastered — coming this fall

April 24

The game’s visual content will be dramatically improved


Dino Squad is now on Google Play and the App Store

April 16

The global release of Dino Squad

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