About - Pixonic


We give emotions through our games

Our Story

Today Pixonic is an established video game studio and a part of MY.GAMES, leading European publisher and developer. But our journey began a long time ago — in 2009, when a group of like-minded people united around a start-up with a clear goal: to create and publish awesome games. The studio’s first two years saw the launch of several successful social network projects — Domovyata, Adventure Island and Airport, among others.

Then came 2011 and with it — an important milestone. We launched Robinson, a mobile game about life on a desert island. It quickly took off, and became highly ranked on Google Play and the App Store. Two years later, we decided to put all our efforts on developing and publishing mobile games. By that time, our team already numbered 40 people.

In 2013, we soft-launched War Robots, the highest-grossing project in Pixonic history and our staple game. In 2016, Google named War Robots one of the most breathtaking Android projects of the year. In 2020, the game received a complete graphic remaster and was presented at the Apple Event.

Our Team

Our team of professionals carefully crafting Pixonic products. Millions of our players around the world. We’re incredibly passionate about video games, and want them to evoke as many positive emotions as possible.

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