GDC 2016

March 13, 2016

One of the largest annual developer conferences, GDC 2016, will be held March 14-18 in San Francisco. Each year the event attracts more than 26,000 developers, audio specialists and game designers, as well as professionals from other industries.

GDC 2016 features over 400 lectures, roundtables and panels dedicated to app development. GDC visitors may also get acquainted with some of the latest software development tools.

Pixonic’s COO Igor Klukin, Director of Marketing Artem Petukhov, Business Development manager Alexey Shcherbakov, Art Director Fransuaza Polishchuk and Head of Community Management Sergey Rukosuev will take part in GDC 2016 and will be glad to meet you at our stand 142, feel free to contact us!

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