White Night Helsinki’16: hot tips for indie developers

White Nights Helsinki’16: советы инди-разработчикам
February 10, 2016

Alexey Sherbakov, Business Development Director at Pixonic, gave a speech at the White Night Helsinki ’16 conference earlier this year. The topic of his presentation concerned the reasons for the stoppage and resumption of work in the game publishing industry.

Through his speech, Alexey tried to inform independent developers about the aspects of game publishing that one should assess before selecting a publisher; his talk also concerned the selection of suitable and viable projects for the publishers themselves.

White Nights Helsinki ’16 is an international conference dedicated to the development and marketing of mobile games. In addition to Pixonic, the conference was attended by representatives of Rovio, Google, Facebook, Wargaming, Supercell, Playraven and Creative Mobile.

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