White Nights Prague'17

February 12, 2017

The gamedev market has a mixed take on in-game events – on the one hand, they allow for a boost in profits, on the other, they can lead to players becoming “dependent” on these campaigns, as they wait for new ones to come around. In a way, campaigns are a double-edged sword – although they may improve your metrics, their negative effect can be severe.

We took our own look at how these campaigns’ affect monetization, and we want to share our experience with you. Pixonic COO Igor Klyukin will detail their integration into War Robots at White Nights’17 in Prague – he’ll speak on what in-game events we run in the game and why, as well as sharing several cases and opening up on our general approach to promotions.

If you want to meet us at the conference, give us a heads up before the event – see you all in Prague!

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