DevGAMM Moscow’18

May 17, 2018

We’re coming to DevGAMM conference in Moscow again to share our keynotes and experience with you.

Pixonic Chief Strategy Officer Nikita Guk will share how content marketing helps us keep the industry interested in our company and create a solid employer brand. You’ll find out how to encourage transparency culture in a team to share expertise and deliver your message to the public.

Pixonic Head of Game Design Vladimir Krasilnikov will tell you about the problems and solutions of the original War Robots meta, based on 3 robot classes, and share the case study on how we managed to add a variety of new robots and double the overall number of in-game content.

Don’t forget to visit our booth to participate in DevGAMM Quest and get a chance to win some great stuff from Pixonic and our friends from other companies!

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