Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki’18

September 11, 2018

We’re heading to Helsinki, where Andrey Selin, our Experimental Marketing Projects Specialist will share his experience working with videobloggers and will tell why having a positive ROI from YouTube integrations is a real and achievable goal.

Here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • Which creative materials work best for YouTube campaigns;
  • Are popular and expensive bloggers worth the shot;
  • Do you have to rely on direct installs only;
  • Can you develop influencer marketing without help from agencies.

Also, give it up for Anatoly Shestov, our Lead Game Designer, who will share our user retention cases with all the numbers and metrics. Only for those who care about day 30 and day 180 retention.

Don’t forget about the Global Connects Party that will start right after the first day of the conference. We’ll be glad to see you there. 

Hit us up if you want to meet at the conference.

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