DevGAMM Minsk’18

November 14, 2018

A year ago we have revamped the battle interface in War Robots. So, how have we pulled that off? We have completely rewritten it. In addition, we learned how players receive such changes, and what kind of pitfalls await you in process.

Pixonic game designer Anastasia Kolchina will talk from her personal experience about:

  • Why do you need to change and revamp a game battle interface at all? Why we  needed such changes in War Robots.
  • Key points to pay attention to in battle UI to avoid breaking the core gameplay.
  • How to find balance between a perfect image quality, pure architecture, and user behavior patterns.
  • Which metrics have we received in the end? Metrics and their influence on our development.

Our CSO Nikita Guk will also visit the DevGAMM Roundtables. The topics to be discussed among the industry professionals will include:

  • To hunt or not to hunt that is the question: good faith recruitment;
  • To each their own corporate culture: why and how we should talk about it.

We are always excited to meet you in person. Write us an email, and see you later in Minsk!

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