DevGAMM Moscow’19 - Pixonic

DevGAMM Moscow’19

May 16, 2019

DevGAMM Moscow is an annual conference for game development industry professionals from the CIS. As usual, experiences would be shared, cases would be presented, and don’t forget the networking and the annual DevGAMM Awards. We’ve got quite a lot of stuff prepared.

War Robots has been on the market for five years already. During that time, we’ve tried out dozens of game mechanics and added tons of content to the game. Our producer Oleg Poroshin will tell about our content distribution: the main mechanisms, strengths and weaknesses, community response, and the aftermath.

Stop by our booth in the platinum zone to meet new people and (possibly!) win a prize in our arcade machine.

We’re also presenting the main award for the Grand Prize winner of DevGAMM Awards. What’s the prize? Come to the awards to see!

Register in advance and drop us an email if you want to meet in person.

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