White Nights Moscow’19 - Pixonic

White Nights Moscow’19

October 16, 2019

This year we’ll speak about community management from the business perspective and content ops in War Robots.

Community department at Pixonic has changed a lot before it was fully integrated into production — from social media experts to brand ambassadors, analysts, creative producers, and marketers. Find out how to measure “abstract” profit from community management in Pixonic COO Alexey Biryukov’s keynote: “Community From the Business Perspective: Metrics, KPIs and Measurement Tools”.

The second keynote by Pixonic producer Maxim Fomichev will focus on content operations in PvP games. In six years of making War Robots and keeping the interest in the game burning, we’ve changed our approach to releasing updates a couple times. Come listen to us on the second day of the conference to find out what were our content goals and how we tried not to oversaturate the project with new features.

And if you want to see the gaming industry experts tearing down gaming projects, drop by the Deconstruction Workshop. The judges will look at the Developer Expo games and evaluate their game design, monetization mechanics, visuals, and UI. We’re going to present a special prize for the winner.

Hit us up by email if you want to meet in person.

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