White Nights Moscow’19

October 16, 2019

Community department at Pixonic has changed a lot before it was fully integrated into production — from social media experts to brand ambassadors, analysts, creative producers, and marketers.

Find out how to measure profit from community management in Pixonic’s CСO Alexey Biryukov’s keynote: “Community From the Busines Perspective: Metrics, KPIs and Measurement Tools”.

In 2018 Pixonic encountered a brand new problem of hunting. When a part of top managers have left the company, the other part started to worry, so we had to reevaluate a number of internal processes and our approach to employee retention. 

In a keynote called “Anti-Hunting: How to Build up an Internal Process and Retain Employees” Pixonic COO Georgy Egorov will share:

  • how to react to employees leaving the company;
  • how to find the reasons why people leave: interviews and surveys;
  • retention: feedback, motivation, salary reevaluation;
  • internal informing and transparency.

Hit us up by email if you want to meet in person.

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