WN Saint-Petersburg’21 - Pixonic

WN Saint-Petersburg’21

July 9, 2021

On 9 and 10 July, WN Conference will be held in Saint-Petersburg. This is the first Russian offline gamedev conference in 2021, and Pixonic is its silver partner.

We prepared a broad range of activities for participants of the conference:

1. Our head of product monetization Elena Lantsova will make a presentation about LiveOps in War Robots, namely:

  • what is LiveOps and why do you need it in GaaS;
  • when you should start to think about LiveOps while your game development process;
  • how many people do you need and who is a LiveOps manager.

Starting at 11:00 AM, 9 July. You can also win an Apple Watch during this presentation.

2. Jointly with MY.GAMES, we build up a lounge area with comfortable seats, outlets, Wi-Fi and writing material, so you can rest or talk to your partners here.

3. On 10 July at 4:30 PM, the panel discussion of game design under our curatorship will take place. Participants will discuss organizing a design process in their companies.

You can buy tickets here: https://wnconf.com/#registration

We recall that you have to do the PCR test to attend the conference.

Lectures will be also available online, you can get a free ticket to join: https://wnconf.com/eastern-europe-21#tickets

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