WN Conference Moscow'21 - Pixonic

WN Conference Moscow'21

October 13, 2021

On 14th of October at WN Conference Moscow’21 we will talk about War Robots Remastered and its impact on product metrics.

Pixonic Lead Project Manager Dima Osipov will answer the key question if it was a really good idea to remaster a profitable product. From our talk you’ll learn:

  • if we consider this project successful or not and what impact the remaster has on War Robots;
  • our hard-earned lessons like how build size affects conversion to install (CR) and what you should do to improve the product metrics; 
  • what the Delivery System is and why we think it is the most valuable feature of the remaster.

When: October, 14 at 12:30 PM (Moscow time). Follow the link to register.

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