Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you?
War Robots

War Robots: 3 year anniversary

April 14

All of last year's highlights brought together in our infographic

War Robots

Over 30 mln downloads for War Robots

December 21

Since the start of this year, over 20 mln users have joined the War Robots family, which only inspires us to further upgrade the game with new content and features

War Robots

War Robots featured in Google's Best Games of 2016

November 30

In its annual round-up, Google named its best apps and games of 2016

War Robots

War Robots hits 20,000,000 installs

September 19

This fall, our flagship War Robots crossed a new frontier, passing 20 000 000 installs just three months after its previous milestone of 15 000 000

War Robots

Pixonic set to update WWR to War Robots

August 1

The project has come a long way, and today we’d like to mark off another of its’ milestones by giving the game a new name

War Robots

Walking War Robots has over 15,000,000 installs

June 15

Each and every member of our team tries to bring something new and unique to the table

War Robots

Walking War Robots — 2 years since launch

April 13

When you’re doing something exciting, you tend to lose track of time

War Robots

Clan Battle — new event for pilots

April 13

To celebrate Walking War Robots’ second anniversary, we’re holding a roundtable with our most active players — clan members from both iOS and Android

War Robots

Walking War Robots has over 10,000,000 installs

March 8

The flagship game of Pixonic, Walking War Robots, was installed over 10 million times for almost two years since it has been launched

War Robots

Walking War Robots passes 5 million downloads milestone

November 16

Pixonic’s main project Walking War Robots has passed 5 million downloads milestone while total number of daily players has exceeded 300,000

War Robots

Walking War Robots Passes 1 Million Downloads on Google Play

October 11

Walking War Robots was downloaded more than 1 million times to Android devices, about one month after its global release

War Robots

Walking War Robots hits Google Play

August 31

Pixonic's flagship MMO action game about giant war robots is now available on Google Play worldwide

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