Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you?
How it feels to pilot a War Robot
Feral force in every battle
War Robots

A complete War Robots graphics remastered — coming this fall

April 24

The game’s visual content will be dramatically improved

War Robots

Six years of War Robots

April 14

We are celebrating the sixth anniversary with an infographic of the most interesting highlights of the year


How Dino Squad is Different from War Robots

April 3

Learn more about the features of both games here

War Robots

War Robots for Steam is now available on GeForce NOW

April 2

From April 2nd, the PC players will get a new way to play War Robots using NVIDIA gaming cloud service.

War Robots

Optimizing War Robots for Chrome OS

November 5

Adding mouse and keyboard support

Press news

Five years on: Pixonic on keeping the War Robots running

May 16

Pocket Gamer and our producer Oleg Poroshin discuss the projects five-year anniversary


Five years of War Robots

April 24

What was done in a year: new content and an infographic for the 5th year of the project’s growth


100 000 000 War Robot Installs

August 10

A new project milestone in numbers and an infographic


Pixonic and iDreamSky publishing platform are launching War Robots in China

June 19

Online mobile PvP shooter will be available for all Android users in China


War Robots 4 Years Anniversary

April 13

Past year’s new content recap infographic

War Robots

New hub for everything about War Robots

December 6

News, FAQ, media, guides, art and more

War Robots VR

War Robots VR Full Multiplayer Game To Be Funded on Kickstarter

November 13

Arthur Mostovoy on launching the War Robots VR Kickstarter campaign

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