War Robots

Pixonic has released Robots on Earth

April 14, 2014

Pixonic has launched a new game – Walking War Robots. Currently the project is oriented for the App Store in 4 countries: Russia, Germany, England and Turkey. The game is free of charge.

Walking War Robots – is the first Pixonic multiplayer game, where a player can get a chance to become a pilot of a huge combat robot and hammer the enemy with all the unmerciful power of the machine.

In this game you will take part in online smashing unforgettable battles together with as many as 10 players at a time, you will be able to team with your friends and like-minded people. The battles variety is provided by: 6 different combat robots, 9 deadly weapons to suit any taste and great facilities to improve and to increase your arsenal. And of course, you can build up your own clan and develop it diversely.

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