War Robots

Walking War Robots has over 10,000,000 installs

March 8, 2016

The flagship game of Pixonic, Walking War Robots, was installed over 10 million times for almost two years since it has been launched. iOS version was launched on April, 15th in 2014, and Android one — on August, 4th in 2015.

iOS app has more than 4 million installs at the moment, and Android app has an installbase of more than 5 million users. Such a great result cannot take place without well coordinated work. Walking War Robot project team has more than 90 skilled industry professionals.

But for sure our team is constantly working on the project, upgrading it with the new features. Current result is only a milestone on the game’s path.

Walking War Robots is available for free on the Google Play or App Store. Join the highly involving and exciting robot battles against other players!


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