War Robots

Walking War Robots — 2 years since launch

April 13, 2016

When you’re doing something exciting, you tend to lose track of time. Pixonic found out the hard way – our team barely batted an eyelid as 2 years flew by since the launch of Walking War Robots, which has since become an outstanding success.

In developing the project, we faced a lot of interesting challenges, with the development team growing exponentially as we tried to work all our ideas into the final product. Some things worked out, while some things had to be scrapped and redone. Although it may seem like we’ve created something complete, we’re not resting on our laurels – Pixonic has made a firm commitment to speeding up the development of creative in-house solutions to the industry’s latest demands. 


The year ahead is full of promise – we’re confident that it’ll be one of the most interesting and eventful years that we’ve had so far. Aside from bringing you new content, we’ll continue to rework and improve the game in all its aspects. The fun is yet to come – we’ve still got tons of ideas, some of which have already come to fruition with the help of our responsive and loyal audience.   

Thank you for joining us on this awesome ride, and stay tuned!


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