Clan battle: clan council with WWR developers

July 5, 2016

Creating not just a successful product but a truly awesome one which we would love to play ourselves was our priority from the very beginning. The feedback of each player constituting the active Walking War Robots community plays a great role in this. That’s why we were impatiently waiting for the results of the “Clan Battle” held as part of the Walking War Robots birthday celebration, which was a large tournament whose winners were awarded with a chance to visit Pixonic office and participate in the clan council.

We were so pleased to see such an impressive engagement of players during the tournament. Some of them dedicated all of their free time to playing the game. Everyone was eager to beat the competition and get to the top of the rankings. During a several week long event the strongest teams on iOS and Android reached the winning positions. Among the participants were clan members from around the world: USA, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Russia, whom we were happy to welcome in our office.

Clan battle: clan council


As for us, one of the most long-awaited episodes of players’ visit to Moscow was the clan council with WWR developers, an excellent opportunity to receive face to face feedback on current game aspects and updates at early stages of their development. The remarks and suggestions voiced by the top WWR clans’ representatives matched our ideas for the most part. We were already planning to advance those aspects of the project and players persuaded us of an absolute necessity of such changes. Among the improvements are:

  • Selling robots and weapons
  • Duels (among any number of players)
  • Customization
  • Matchmaking based on player specifications (leagues).

We figured it would be wise to focus our efforts on new map and weaponry development, ability to craft, dismantle and sell idle hangar items, as well as development of other advancements of gameplay mechanics. With regard to social game aspects we received lots of tips and requests as well. Segments of cybersport, streaming, interesting events and tournaments will definitely be placed at the focal point of our attention in prospect.



All these changes must become an inherent part of WWR making it more engaging, entertaining and dynamic.

Meeting the developers


The second part of our event comprised an excursion to headquarters of Pixonic in Moscow. Players were able to see the backstage of WWR as well as have a face to face contact with developers and could ask questions about all aspects of game development.




After acquaintance players got an opportunity to test not yet released in-game content, get a glimpse of our future plans and simply chat with developers in informal settings.

It’s hard to admit, but our clan got destroyed 6:0 – yup, we blew it. In the final part of the event the CEO of Pixonic Philipp Gladkov gave out presents to each representative.


This visit of top clans’ representatives was very memorable to us and had its influence on our project and its further development.

screenshot 2016-07-06 в 16.44.20

We are thankful to each one of them, as we once again experienced the involvement of our whole community in Walking War Robots advancement.


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