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Pixonic joins forces with Mail.Ru Group

Philipp Gladkov, CEO Pixonic
October 3, 2016

Me and Igor Klyukin founded Pixonic with the goal of bringing together a team of first-class talent – people that could create something fundamentally new. Since Pixonic’s relaunch three years ago, we’ve been able to overcome the majority of inefficiencies created by the company’s former management.

We can now confidently state that we were successful in assembling a group of extraordinary specialists, each of whom we’re immensely proud of. Thanks to their efforts, War Robots continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate, uniting players from all across the world. At the same time, we never stop searching for new opportunities to improve and expand the company.

Our partners have also given us a huge boost – they’ve allowed us to grow at incredible speed, while ongoing platform support has helped us build our user base.

Today we are pleased to announce that we will be joining forces with Mail.Ru Group, who will become our main shareholder, acquiring 100% of our shares for $30 million. This will open up new opportunities for Pixonic to expand its brand and range of products both in the Russian and international markets.

At Pixonic, we’re incredibly proud that our employees truly enjoy their work. As far as this is concerned, nothing will change. I will retain my position as CEO, and Igor will stay on as COO, while the company as a whole won’t undergo any fundamental structural changes.

We are pleased that Mail.Ru Group shares our values and is ready to assist in Pixonic’s continued development. And of course, we’re grateful our all our team members and customers, without whom none of this would have been possible.


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