War Robots VR: The Skirmish is on Steam

August 10, 20172 comments

We’ve been working on this new project for a few months now – not only did we want to try out our skills in a new niche, but we genuinely wanted to give our players the experience of piloting a War Robot directly from the cockpit.

We learned a lot and gained a huge amount of experience – we now want to turn it over to our players and get to know their thoughts on our newest game. Today marks the launch of the first chapter of the War Robots VR universe – War Robots VR: The Skirmish is available for free download on Steam and it will be available on Oculus Store soon.

Become the pilot of your very own War Robot.


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Денис Мудров7 months ago

"и в скором времени будет доступна пользователям Oculus Store" И когда ожидается сие событие?

Pixonic Team6 months ago

В Steam доступна версия игры для всех шлемов. Появление на Oculus Store ожидается в ближайшее время.

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