Pixonic and iDreamSky publishing platform are launching War Robots in China

June 19, 2018

Pixonic and iDreamSky, one of the largest publishing platforms for mobile games in China, are joining forces to launch and promote War Robots in China. The online mobile PvP shooter, which has recently reached 75 million installs worldwide, will be available for all Android users in China.

With the support of a signed agreement and expertise from our partners at iDreamSky, we’re hoping to introduce lots of new players to War Robots in a short amount of time. We’re hoping they will join our community, and of course, they will be welcome among our community lines.

“We’re glad that now all the players in China will be able to play War Robots, thanks to our partnership with iDreamSky. Entering the Chinese market may dramatically influence Pixonic’s further development” — Alexey Shcherbakov, Pixonic Chief Business Development Officer.

iDreamSky is the largest mobile game publishing platform in China. They’re known for successfully launching such hits as Monument Valley, Inside, Subway Surfers, Fruit Ninja, and Temple Run in China.

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