War Robots

Optimizing War Robots for Chrome OS

November 5, 2019

War Robots was released in 2014. Initially the project was developed only with touch screens in mind. When Chrome OS enabled Android apps support, we decided to optimize War Robots for Chromebooks.

The developers understood that it’s more convenient to play a third-person shooter with a keyboard and a mouse. To introduce that, we had to teach the app to detect an input type. Gear activation and abilities had to be moved to the keys. We didn’t forget about new players either: in-game tips are now displayed according to the chosen input type, either a touch screen or mouse and keyboard.

A 5-person team of developers optimized War Robots in two weeks. The feedback was very positive, and the players noted high performance (compared to BlueStacks emulator). Read more about it at developer.android.com.


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