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Pixonic Opens Pre-registration for a New Mobile PvP Shooter Dino Squad

March 18, 2020

On March 18 Pixonic opens pre-registration for its new PvP-shooter game called Dino Squad on App Store and Google Play.

The idea for this project was conceived at one of the company’s internal game-jams, where anyone could suggest an idea for the next hit game. During the 6 years of War Robots operation we gathered lots of experience in making online shooters. Dino Squad is basically a product of our expertise and lots of nostalgia for Dino-Riders (1998) series. 

Dino Squad is a dynamic PvP shooter, where the players fight for survival in a world combining hi-tech and prehistoric elements. Here are the project’s main features:

  • Fast matches for two teams of six;

  • Six maps with unique landscapes and gameplay;

  • 17 dinos with distinct game mechanics, weaponries, perks, and game styles. Dinos are divided into three weight categories, each with its pros and cons;

  • Combining close and distance combat and having a variety of dino sizes enables a diversity in gameplay experiences;

  • The player can get creative with improving armor, selecting passive abilities, and fine-tuning perks.

Dino Squad became our test site of sorts, both in the game mechanics and the technology we use. For instance, we have built our own lag compensation algorithm so the game works well in poor connection. The remaining technical know-how players will be able to test at closed beta and at the launch of the game.

You can pre-register for Dino Squad here:

Press Kit: Google Drive

Watch out for the updates on social media:

Pixonic: Website | Facebook 

Dino Squad: Facebook Twitter | YouTube | Reddit

About Pixonic

Pixonic, founded in 2009, develops and publishes a range of mobile games, including the company’s flagship War Robots.

We’ve come a long way from a small start-up to one of the top-5 developers in the CIS. Pixonic now employs more than 200 people, while War Robots’ download count has exceeded 150 mln. As we continue to grow, we are actively exploring new markets and preparing to launch new projects.

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