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How Dino Squad is Different from War Robots

April 3, 2020

Like War Robots, Dino Squad is a mobile PvP-shooter, so naturally many people ask us if it replicates mechanics of War Robots. Here are the main differences between these two games.

Size Matters

In Dino Squad, there are 17 unique Dinos divided into three categories that differ drastically:

  • Small dinos, such as a velociraptor. They’re quick, agile, and hard to hit. Thanks to its size velociraptor can fit into places unreachable for larger dinos;
  • Large dinos, such as a T-Rex. They are much more powerful yet way slower and can be seen from anywhere since they're truly enormous;
  • Medium dinos, such as an ankylosaurus. Not too big, not too small, combining the properties of both larger and smaller ones.

At the dawn of the War Robots game, all robots were the same size, and so far there are no size-related gameplay differences, even for the largest Titans.

Quicker than the Robots

The whole concept of Dino Squad was based on fast-paced gameplay that does not benefit sitting behind the covers for a long time. That’s why we decided not to use War Robots server architecture and made a new one from scratch. Thanks to that, we expect our players to be engaged in much more dynamic battles without any trouble reaching the battlefield from the spawn point.

Spawn as Many Times as You Want

There are no respawn limits in Dino Squad, but larger dinos need to earn points through fighting, killing other dinos and capturing objects before they can be spawned by the player. In most War Robots modes every player's robot can be spawned only once, and it can be done at any time. That means that in dino fights players can make more risky choices without fear of losing at the start of a match.

How to Aim

In War Robots, players can utilize manual horizontal aim with vertical aim assist. In Dino Squad, the aim assistance is completely different, so players can aim anywhere on both axes.

Think Where You Shoot

In Dino Squad, it matters whether you shoot at dino’s chest, head, or shoulder: the game has a distinct vulnerable spot mechanic. In War Robots, a robot is a robot, and you just have to hit it.

Why do War Robots work differently? Such a mechanic would require a massive rework of existing game pace, and that would be a huge risk for the project. With Dino Squad, there was no such risk, so we did it.

There’s also no reload in Dino Squad.

You Can’t Build a Dinosaur

In War Robots, you can build a totally unique robot with available equipment, and all these equipment parts can be combined with each other.

A dino is a whole unit; you can’t just attach any jaw or tail from another dino to it. So gameplay of various dinos differs greatly. There's no need to support so many equipment combinations at once.

Level up with Experience, not Time

In Dino Squad, we implemented an experience-based system, not the War Robots upgrade timers.

A dino can level up with experience and currency earned in combat. A robot can only level up with currency — very slowly.

Weapons and Abilities Differences

Like robots, dinos can wear modules which provide them with passive abilities. Each module has two evolution branches to be activated with special resources. These modules can also be leveled up. But what’s different from robot modules is that dino modules aren’t the same for all dinos, and each dino module has its distinct mechanics and balance.

Also, dinos can upgrade weapons. In that case, its power and shoot range will change, but mechanics will remain the same. In such a way, we preserve each dino’s uniqueness while robots have to be compatible with most kinds of in-game weapons and modules.

To sum up, Dino Squad emphasizes on increasing combat pace and playable unit diversity which brings plenty of new technical and gameplay solutions we've never been able to try in War Robots.

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