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Dino Squad Closed Beta Test Begins

April 3, 2020

We cancel Dino extinction and invite the players to participate in a closed Dino Squad beta test. It will start April 3rd on Google Play and App Store simultaneously all over the world. 

In 6 years of operating War Robots we’ve learned a lot. Dino Squad is a combination of trusted solutions and daring experiments in the PvP shooter world. And we know how important the content is, so the game already has enough Dinos, maps, and mechanics to keep the players entertained during the beta test and after the release.

Here’s why you’ll enjoy Dino Squad:

  • Fine-tuning the game to your taste

Create a powerful dino crew choosing from 17 Dinos in three weight categories, each with their own game styles, perks, and weapons. Height matters too: agile velociraptors will wreak havoc from below, while the big boy T-Rex will look at the battlefield from above.

  • Biting as a feature

Rocket launchers and railguns aren’t the only weapons the Dinos can utilize. After all, they’re dinos: they bite, they slam their tails, and trample the enemies with their foreheads. Combining close and distant combat, and an ability to put large Dinos against the smaller ones creates fantastic variability in gameplay.

  • Diverse locations

Each of the 6 maps in the game has a unique landscape the Dinos need to adapt to. Tall grass, lava pits, and unpredictable rivers can help the players save themselves — or make it worse.

  • Skill is a king

The better you play, the faster you unlock more opportunities in the game. Show yourself in battle to make your Dinos even more ferocious and interesting. 

Anything you unlock or save up during the closed beta test will remain in your account — we won’t cancel any progress after the official release. Don’t forget to login to your Google Play or App Store account! At the end of the test you will receive a form to share what you think about the game with us: what you loved, what you hated, what was a pain in your neck, what can be improved or redone. We would appreciate the feedback.

All the news of the project will be available on our social media: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Sign up to participate in closed beta test:

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