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Dino Squad is Now on Google Play and the App Store

April 16, 2020

The time has come… to let the dinos out.

Today is the global release of Dino Squad. Our new game has already passed the pre-registration and closed beta stages, and now it’s available on iOS and Android all over the world.

Dino Squad is the second PvP-shooter game from Pixonic that has three distinct features you can’t see in other team shooters:

  • Each Dino is unique

17 dinos are divided into three weight categories. Each category has its own perks, mechanics, battle style, behaviour, and set of weapons. The largest dino is 20 times larger than the smallest one. You can meet an enormous T-rex and a tiny velociraptor on a battlefield — and larger dinos can simply trample smaller ones.

  • Dynamic gameplay

The matches in Dino Squad are quick battles of three to five minutes. It means that the players have no time to cover if they want to survive — they need to participate in fighting. This also allows the users to play Dino Squad anywhere they want, anytime they want, without worrying about having to exit battle.

  • Close and distance combat combining

Dinos are armed to the teeth, but they also have their own actual teeth, claws, and tails. Under enemy and friendly fire they trample each other, tip each other over and bite, which allows unconventional tactical problems to arise.

Download the game: https://bit.ly/2ymsgrs

When you click on a link from your mobile device, the game will open on your platform.

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