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War Robots

War Robots Remastered is on the Way!

September 15, 2020

We are proud that War Robots Remastered has became the part of today’s Apple Event!

The release of War Robots with a huge graphics remastering is expected by October 22. Pixonic flagship project continues to boldly experiment and reach ever new heights with its technology pool.

In addition to improving the models and textures of robots, weapons, equipment, and maps, players will be able to experience many new technical solutions. For example, Apple Metal API helps to significantly improve the War Robots Remastered performance on Apple devices, HDR calculates lighting more precisely, and Cascaded Shadow Maps control shadow detail depending on the distance to the camera.

What's new in War Robots Remastered?

  • 5 absolutely new graphics presets of your choice: Minimal, Performance, High at the start, Balanced and Ultra are expected in 2021;
  • Fully updated geometry and animation of 81 mechs, 109 weapons, and 82 equipment units;
  • 4 total updated maps;
  • Brand new textures with upscaled resolution for just about every unit in the game;
  • Optimized UI.

The new technologies we put in the game:

  • Apple Metal API controls Apple device hardware for better performance;
  • Multithreaded rendering — thanks to the Apple Bionic chip architecture and Metal API we can leverage several rendering threads effectively doing less work and wasting less device battery;
  • TextureArrays: using the Metal API also allows for closer texture packing in runtime and thus helps to reduce the operating memory usage and improve the performance;
  • PBR (Physically Based Rendering) is designed to create lifelike textures;
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range Rendering) allows more precise lighting calculations;
  • Fully dynamic shadows and Cascaded Shadow Maps: this feature calculates different quality for shadows depending on the distance to the camera;
  • SRP (Scriptable Render Pipeline) allows to skip unnecessary rendering stages and thus free up resources to effectively improve image quality;
  • Dynamic resolution scaling allows to softly adjust the screen resolution in case of a sharp device performance drop, so the image will never become blurred;
  • New Visual Quality Manager can dynamically tell the best graphics settings for a specific device.

And there's more. But you can see it in the game itself.

The updated version of War Robots will be released on all platforms by October 22. Watch out for the updated in the official War Robots communities:

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Reddit | Discord

Some screenshots from today’s Apple Event:


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