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War Robots

War Robots Remastered: an Updated Pixonic Hit is Now Available on the App Store and Google Play

October 22, 2020

War Robots Remastered is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. We updated the technology of the original game, so now it looks better and has more stable performance.

Making Remastered, we designed it for growth. The new technology stack we use allows us to unleash the devices’ full potential and show our best graphics and performance on smartphones and tablets.

War Robots Remastered is released like a usual War Robots update. All the players who have supported devices can continue playing uninterrupted. Even though we’ve changed a lot of the technology on the inside, we made sure the game experience on the outside remained unchanged.

Here’s what we’ve done in the past few months:

  • remastered 81 robots and 109 weapons: even the oldest units have updated models, visual and sound effects;
  • completely remodeled 4 maps;
  • introduced PBR (physically based rendering) for more realistic graphics;
  • remastered the architecture of the visual effects to make them more beautiful and require less of the devices’ resources.

Now, War Robots also supports Metal API to increase the game’s performance on Apple devices by 30%. We delivered a more stable FPS and reduced energy consumption to save battery life.


Now the players can choose the graphic preset that suit them and their devices. We are going to develop five manual graphic modes for Remastered, and two of them are already available. Performance mode is an optimal choice for enjoying the game in high quality but also focusing on optimizing device speed and performance. Minimal mode will help the players with devices of the less performing spectrum.

We also enabled 60 FPS support on some of the newest devices. More supported devices will be added soon.

Next year we will release three more graphic modes: first High with higher resolution textures, then Balanced and Ultra with their own performance perks. The players with top devices will be able to download textures in higher quality as well. Others will be able to enjoy the game using a binary with smaller size.

Watch the trailer to see what War Robots Remastered will look like on High.


This release is a basis for the project’s future updates. In October we’ll release the first Remastered-based War Robots update with our annual Halloween event.

We will gradually update War Robots on Steam, Facebook Gameroom and Amazon. Next year we’ll add selective downloads and high-res graphic modes.

Minimum Requirements for Mobile Devices:

  • iOS: iPhone 5s and newer, iOS 11 and newer, 1+ GB RAM;
  • Android: 1,5+ GB RAM, OpenGL ES 3.0 or Vulkan support. Use this app to learn what interface standard is used on your device. Launch the app and check the first line. If the OpenGL version is lower than 3.0, an update is required to launch War Robots Remastered.

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About War Robots

War Robots was released more than six years ago and has reached more than 180 million installs all over the world. The project is a trendsetter in its genre and experiments a lot with content and mechanics. At the end of 2019, Pixonic started working on War Robots Remastered, completely reworking the whole game visually by fall 2020.

About Pixonic

Founded in 2009, Pixonic is a publisher and a developer of a number of mobile games, including an App Store and Google Play hit, War Robots.

There’s more than 200 members in the Pixonic team, and War Robots has reached 180 million installs. We continue researching the market, taking risks with our projects, and preparing new games to launch.

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