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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer: collaboration with War Robots Remastered

November 19, 2020

Artemiy Kozlov, Community Lead, War Robots

For the longest time, we wanted to launch a War Robots special project based around music. And now we made two! War Robots Remastered trailer with I Am Waiting For You Last Summer soundtrack first, and then our own musical group, PixBand, video clip for War Robots Halloween event. We have already written about PixBand, and now it’s time to tell you more about the trailer music.

So, we’ve just released War Robots Remastered. That is a great new chapter in the Pixonic flagship project, opening an ocean of new possibilities before us. We decided that everything related to the release should be perfect, even the trailer — and even the trailer music. That’s why we asked the people who know how to make great music for help.

When we first heard the amazing music of I Am Waiting For You Last Summer, we had no idea that this band is from Russia. Well, now we do. Now we also know that the guys in the band love science fiction and games and that they write their albums with the same narratives that inspire us in mind. And, what’s most important, they think and work beyond territorial boundaries, just like us. Their music can play all over the world and be inspiring and thought-provoking to everybody.

We suspected that we might have a lot in common, but we didn’t expect a perfect match. No, but really. Even our logos are alike: their asterisk and our robot in a hexagon.

We decided to combine our two releases — their album and our remaster — into the same narrative, something like future nostalgia. The WR veterans will notice homages to the previous epochs from the game’s history in the trailer, and will also hear familiar sounds that turned into something else in IWFYLS hands.

Here’s what we made together:


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