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War Robots

Very Serious Christmas: War Robots and Serious Sam 4 Crossover Event

December 7, 2020

A flying Leviathan slowly drifts above the Colosseum. A headless figure rushes in front of you, screaming, and an angry bomb with sparkles in its eyes follows it.

Pilots, get ready for Serious Sam and the monsters from his universe have come to the world of destroyed Earth through a portal!

This holiday season the War Robots players will meet Beheaded Kamikaze monsters throwing themselves under robots, and Sam Stone driving a Papamobile through the streets of Rome. With giant Lovecraftian monsters hovering above the ancient city, obviously.

You’ve got that right: we’re collaborating with Serious Sam 4!

This is the first collaboration with another brand in War Robots history. Here’s what you will experience during the War Robots event created with Croteam and based on the sequel to a hit shooter:

  • Typhon — a four-armed robot;
  • Octanian — a drone from the Mental army;
  • Skirmish mode: Serious Sam style;
  • hangar decorations with Christmas lights and Serious bombs;
  • Hawk and Nucleon remodeled;
  • new Typhon skin;
  • event pilot: Sam Stone himself;
  • changes to the Rome map.

We present to you the brutal Christmas vibe with alien demons and more content. Also, holidays aren’t holidays without presents. For the event, we’ll also introduce a special event currency. 

The players will be able to participate in arena battles — Serious Games, compete in a series of quests with awards and prizes and also don kamikaze clothes to fight Papamobiles and vice versa.

The event will take place from December 7, 2020, to January 12, 2021. After that, Sam will return to his world to fight Mental hordes there.

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