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War Robots

Seven years of War Robots

April 14, 2021

Today is the War Robots anniversary: 7 years since it was released.  

This year has become one of the most significant for the project in terms of the number of events. We released War Robots Remastered, reworked and created from scratch tons of content, became the part of the Apple Event, first time collaborated with another game, launched first audio drama based on the War Robots game universe and a lot more. War Robots crossed $500 million in lifetime gross revenue and almost reached 200 million installs, and our player community significantly grew. 

It’s hard to believe that all this was done within just one year. Great respect to our team!

Well 7 years it’s just the beginning, let’s move on. And now we’d like to remember the last year highlights collected in the infographic. 

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