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War Robots

HD Graphics of War Robots Remastered is Already Here

September 14, 2021

The time has finally came. War Robots Remastered reached its final stage, and long-awaited HD graphics are now available on iOS and Android. Improved lighting, detailed textures, and FX bring War Robots to a whole new level. Download the latest update and check it out!

Check your device for supporting HD graphics here. The sheet also contains information about 60 FPS mode for HD. If your device does not support 60 FPS, you are still able to play with 30 FPS. The list will be updated and supplemented over time: we will be monitoring the performance of HD graphics and adding 60 FPS to some devices whenever possible.

Note that there are GPU models for Android devices and not the models of the devices themselves. There are too many Android devices to list them all, so you should check up your GPU.

Follow official War Robots accounts for updates:

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