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War Robots

War Robots Turns Eight

April 14, 2022

Eight years ago, War Robots was released. Today, the project is all grown up and still gaining popularity. The game has more than 200 million registered players, with a third of active players being with us for more than two  years. Platforms also give global features regularly. Few mobile projects can claim such a lifetime. It is a result of the hard work of our team and its desire to find new growth points.

During the last year, we completed our massive task of War Robots remastered version with the release of HD graphics and a content Delivery System that made it easier for players to download updates. We created tons of new content and structured it. And we continue to support our community and constantly communicate with the players.

Below, you can see a traditional infographic reflecting all the War Robots' changes since its last birthday. And now onwards and upwards, because we do not stop there and continue to do our best.


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