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War Robots’ long-awaited PvE mode is finally here

March 23, 2023

The War Robots Universe keeps on growing, and our journey is all about experiments and bold moves. We have already stepped on a territory of high-end shooters for PC and consoles with War Robots: Frontiers. Now it is time for another step up: the original War Robots is getting a permanent PvE mode called Extermination.

From the very beginning, War Robots was all about PvP: pick up your robots, upgrade them and battle other players. But there was always a lingering idea: what if we let players change the pace and experience some good old PvE? Moreover, our fans themselves started to ask for it and share their thoughts on PvE with us. We accepted the challenge.

The concept of Extermination was born at Pixonic Tech Days, where every team member could step away from routine tasks and experiment. A very early version of PvE briefly appeared in War Robots in May 2022 as a limited-time event. By the end of 2022, War Robots became a franchise, so now is a perfect time to finally bring a fully-fledged PvE to light.

“At times, players' ideas can diverge from developers' vision, but that was not the case with the PvE mode in War Robots. It seems like anyone who has ever played the game has dreamt about it at least once. So when the opportunity arose to make it a reality, it was a perfect storm: players had been asking for it, and the team couldn't wait to deliver. It was a challenging project, but also a fun and exciting thing to do.” – Boris Burangulov, Executive Producer of War Robots.

The main character in Extermination is legendary pilot Nessa Riggs. Players may remember her from the Cruel Warm Winter event in November 2022, when it was hinted that a big adventure was on the horizon. To kick it off, we prepared a very special cinematic that starts the lore part of the event and shows Nessa’s first encounter with the mech spiders.

In Extermination, players must pick a squad of mechs and fight giant robotic spiders across different levels to get valuable rewards. Each level gets progressively harder and offers bigger prizes.

At first, commanders will tackle small enemies called Ticks that don’t pose a serious threat individually but tend to attack in swarms. Late-game enemies will be a serious threat even to seasoned players, and at the final level, Bastion, the boss of the Extermination, awaits. There’s no limit on how many times players can attempt to complete the run, and overall progress resets every couple of weeks. 

Fun fact: the Bastion was supposed to appear as a mech in War Robots back in 2016 (check out this teaser). But then we turned it into Raijin and Fujin while keeping the original concept on ice. So this boss is kind of “back to the roots” for us.

Stay tuned for more things to come!

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