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Pixonic at Nordic Game

May 5, 2023

Nordic Game is a leading european video games conference. Top industry experts gather together and discuss hottest topics in gamedev: from AI and work-life balance to game design and art. In 2023 the conference will be held in Malmö, Sweden on 23-26 May. It will feature around 100 speakers. And yes, we will be there!

On May 25 our speaker, Boris Burangulov, Executive Producer on War Robots, will give a lecture about “The Graveyard of Features”. War Robots is already 9 years old and still going strong without losing any popularity. Big part of this is due to us constantly experimenting with different features — and sometimes not every one of them works out. In general, it’s uncommon to talk about failures, so it’s easy to just copy some feature from a successful game, not realizing that it may not be the best choice. But we are not afraid to learn from mistakes. And most importantly — openly discuss our failures, so that the others don’t repeat them.

The lecture will start at 14:45 (GMT+2) on May 25 at the Gallerian.

You can learn more about the conference and how to participate on the official site.

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