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Batching tamed: reducing batches via UI mask optimization

May 5, 2023

Interface optimization is something we at Pixonic must deal with quite often. In particular, at times, we must debug screens which have grown in complexity as time has passed.

Although these screens were working fine before, behind the scenes, as their complexity has grown, so too does a buildup of problems, and these can begin to snowball. This accumulation continues until, finally — these issues become visible to the naked eye. At this point we face a choice: we can either redo everything and set the ship right from the start, or we can choose to solve the problems one by one.

Sergey Madekin, Senior Developer at Pixonic, wrote an article about a particular case the dev team tackled and solved. It helped to fix dynamic batching, simplify the hierarchy, and increase the FPS in the interface.

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