Pixonic takes part in Game Drive educational event - Pixonic

Pixonic takes part in Game Drive educational event

Join us at online lectures
May 10, 2023

Game Drive is a program led by MY.GAMES with support of Google, AWS, data.ai, Unity and Deconstructor of Fun. During it, promising studios can receive free consulting services, including expert evaluation, key metrics analysis and recommendations on step-by-step improvements. 

Game Drive will also provide educational and networking opportunities in the form of online and offline events. As part of MY.GAMES, Pixonic will share expertise there! 

Event sessions start on May 11 and will be held once a month. They will cover different topics related to game development:  game design, industry trends, ideas searching, live-ops and many others. Our first expert, Senior Game Designer Fedor Gerasimov, will hold a panel on June 15. He will discuss the leaderboards system in Pixonic’s mobile hit War Robots and its impact on the project's metrics. Tune in if you want to know useful insights on what works in this concept and what doesn’t.

Lectures are held in English and available to everyone upon registration. All the updates and a registration form are available on the official website.

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