We’re going to MY.GAMES Gamedev Meetup Serbia - Pixonic

We’re going to MY.GAMES Gamedev Meetup Serbia

June 19, 2023

Pixonic continues to participate in meetups and conferences! The next one is Gamedev Meetup Serbia, organized by MY.GAMES. It will be held in Belgrad on 30 June, 17:30 (GMT+2). Look for the Karbon event Hall (Severni bulevar 6a).

Our expert Boris Burangulov, Executive Producer of War Robots, and his lecture on Pixonic’s «graveyard of features» continue their journey. Now the Serbian audience can find about about all the features in War Robots that seemed very promising — but didn’t work out. We will discuss our mistakes — so that the others don’t repeat them.

All lectures will be held in English. The participation in the meetup is free upon registration.

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