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Follow the breadcrumbs: the basic techniques of level design

June 27, 2023

Creating an in-game location isn’t a linear process, and there is no set recipe for success. But, in the years since level design began to exist as a discipline, a number of different techniques have been created. These include methods used universally, as well as techniques employed in special cases, for example, those relevant to specific genres. This doesn’t just apply to the stages of level development (like blockouts, grayboxes/whiteboxes and so on), it also concerns the principles that designers are now guided by, optimally placing accents on a map to achieve the desired player behavior.

Vasiliy Skobelev, Lead Level Designer at Pixonic, MY.GAMES, wrote his second article in a series about the work of level designers. This time, we’ll talk about pipelines and basic techniques for level development. You can read the first article here.

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