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Creating War Robots Stories video hits: dances, robo-ducks, and anime

July 5, 2023

War Robots, a multiplayer game about big, fighting robots is always evolving, with content that is constantly being enriched. For this reason, we need to maintain close contact with the community: to talk about what’s happening and what we plan to add, collect feedback, and somehow, entertain our players in the process. This latter point is where we come in — the community management department.

Patch notes are, of course, pretty handy, but players might not prefer just some dry summary, when they could have an entertaining story or an exciting video. And indeed, one of the key areas of our work is video content production.

But not every video on our channel conveys some important information — sometimes we just want to entertain ourselves and the players, without any relation to game material or the overall plot of the War Robots franchise.

This desire gave rise to a special format on the channel (perhaps it doesn’t bear any practical use, but it’s very popular and fun). We call these videos War Robots Stories. And recently, as part of this series, we released a video inspired by the classic mecha anime genre. Matvei Chernishevskiy, Community Manager at Pixonic, MY.GAMES, and Content Manager Oleg Telitsyn wrote an article on how War Robots Stories were created.

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