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War Robots Universe becomes cuter with the brand-new game — Little Big Robots

August 8, 2023

The War Robots universe keeps growing! Last November we announced War Robots: Frontiers, a PC/console shooter made with Unreal Engine 5. Now it’s time to take another step forward.

Welcome Little Big Robots!

Genre and Style

Little Big Robots is a mobile top-down shooter and a brand-new experience in the War Robots franchise — light-hearted and accessible but deep at the same time. It takes an established genre and looks at it from a different angle, showing well known robots in an unexpected light. 

The new game has its own unique style and vibe. While the original War Robots and War Robots: Frontiers offer more of a classic and serious sci-fi setting, Little Big Robots is much more relaxed and bright. It suits all types of players and can be enjoyed with friends, family and people from all over the world.

Robots and Customization

The mechs in the game are much more than just battle machines — they are cute and full of life (still giant and heavily armed though). There are many types to choose from — bipeds, four-legged and even flying ones. Some of them you may remember from the original War Robots, others are completely new. 

Build making is an essential part of War Robots franchise, and Little Big Robots inherits that tradition. Every single mech in the game has unique abilities and can be equipped with any type of weapon: shotguns, machine guns, grenades, rockets, etc. This helps to create dozens upon dozens different builds. Even better, there is no need to choose only one: players can pick up to five different robots into a fight.

Maps and Modes

Little Big Robots  offers a variety of modes for all skill levels, whether you prefer to play solo or in duo, like to clash with enemies in 4v4 or take your chances in Battle Royale (a brand-new mode for the War Robots franchise). 

Every map is full of hidden pathways and destructible covers. Players can use their tactical skills to the full: blow up walls, use plunging fire and hide in the bushes. But despite personal skill being important, the new game is all about having fun and good time.

Little Big Robots is being made by a separate team within Pixonic, which includes devs of the original War Robots as well as new faces. The release is just the start of Little Big Robots’ journey. The game will continue to evolve and receive new mechs, modes and features like events, leaderboards, tournaments and new customization options. Stay tuned! And check the littlebigrobots.com for more info.

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